what is electric charge in simple language

Things that have the same charge push each other away (they repel each other).

Electrical energy arrives at homes through wires from the places where it is made. Sometimes a natural flow, such as wind power or water power, can be used directly to turn a generator so no heat is needed. But if you put a positive charge and a negative charge close together, they would pull towards each other. Static electricity can be created through the friction between two materials - for instance a wool cap and a plastic ruler. © It is just an arbitrary (random choice) convention (agreement).
This flow of electrons around the circuit is called electric current. If you move twice as far away, the strength of the field decreases to one-fourth, and if you move three times as far away, the field decreases to one-ninth.

It works like magnets, and in fact, electricity creates a magnetic field, in which similar charges repel each other and opposite charges attract. This is the method used in a battery. However, these particles cannot exist separately. Purcell, Edward M. & David J. Morin 2013. https://simple.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Electric_charge&oldid=7059770, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. Electrical energy can also be created using energy from the sun, as in photovoltaic cells. If a positive charge is put at that point, it will be pushed in that direction. There are many sources of heat which can be used to generate electrical energy. It can be used to power machines and electrical devices. When electrical charges are not moving, electricity is called static electricity. Examples of conductors are copper, aluminum, silver, and gold. Things with the same charge repel each other. The Physics Classroom: Current Electricity, These could be the funniest animal pictures ever, Gold miners discover 100 million-year-old meteorite crater Down Under, RV-size asteroid to get closer to Earth than the moon, Prehistoric desert footprints are earliest evidence for humans on Arabian Peninsula, Wizard battles and demon circles revealed in newly translated Christian texts, Climate scientists uncover new record-low temperature in Greenland.

Things that have different charges attract each other. Therefore, according to the University of Arizona, he invented the terms positive and negative to designate an excess or deficiency, respectively.

Things that have equal numbers of electrons and protons are neutral. Electricity can be dangerous, especially around water because water is a form of good conductor as it has impurities like salt in it. Comparing the magnitude of the two forces is like comparing the mass of the Earth to the mass of a single molecule of penicillin! There is no special reason for these names. Copper is found in electrical wires. Things that are negatively charged and things that are positively charged pull on (attract) each other.

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