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Margaret wasn’t actually at the battle, but as re-enacted she makes for a dashing figure, slapping Edward IV in the face during a parlay that preceded the battle.

All rights reserved. Despite the fact that medieval Europe was ravaged by the Black Death, wars were endemic and the average lifespan in Britain was only just over 31 years, looking back from the social safety net of the 21st century, we think it was all very romantic. How no re-enactors are actually harmed by these flying missiles is beyond me. Watching these warriors get ensconced in armour I realized for the first time that there is no way they could do this without a squire, in this case a maiden.

It was 35 years ago that a group of people, generally dismissed as useless Hippies, got together to stage the first Tewkesbury Medieval Festival. Editorial Advertising: 01242 621346 Saturday 14th July and Sunday 15th July 2018. As we make our way back to the bus, I almost shake my head in disbelief at what I have just seen; surreal does not begin to describe it. Historian Ruth Goodman is now Patron of Tewkesbury Battlefield Society. Read all back copies of Tewkesbury Direct Magazine from 2020, Read all back copies of Tewkesbury Direct Magazine from 2019, Read all back copies of Tewkesbury Direct Magazine from 2018, Read all back copies of Tewkesbury Direct Magazine from 2017, Read all back copies of Tewkesbury Direct Magazine from 2016, Read all back copies of Tewkesbury Direct Magazine from 2015, Read all back copies of Tewkesbury Direct Magazine from 2014, Read all back copies of Tewkesbury Direct Magazine from 2013, Read all back copies of Tewkesbury Direct Magazine from 2012, Read all back copies of Tewkesbury Direct Magazine from 2011, See what our advertisers and readers have to say.

Photos from Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, site of the Battle of Tewkesbury 1471.

And there are men and a few women, actually girding for battle. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post. The Worcestershire Branch of the Richard III Society display in the Exhibition Tent, thanks to Steve Goodchild, Chairman of the Tewkesbury Battlefield Society. The tournament recreates the atmosphere of the Hundred Years War period between England and France. Amazing scenes as the annual festival had more thrills and … Cabot Links – Canada’s First True Links Course, Pier 21 – Canada’s Amazing Immigration Museum, Georges Island – Halifax’s Hottest Destination. After an hour or so of touring the vendors and resisting the urge to buy a tailor made suit of armour (a mere £2000) it was time to head to the right hand side of the Tewkesbury Fair where the battle was to be re-enacted starting at 4:00 PM. The Battle of Tewkesbury was one of the first that combined both artillery and arrows. Here is but one of many troops heading for the battle field. Thankfully, there are no apparent heart attacks or strokes and the only dead brought out are dummies.

The opposing forces were the Lancastrians, led by the Duke of Somerset and Edward, Prince of Wales who were attempting to hook up with Jasper Tudor in Wales after being defeated at Barnet and the Yorkists, led by Edward IV in person. Thumbnails from Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2018, from the Worcestershire Branch of the Richard III Society in England. Views of Tewkesbury showing some of the banners on display and the date of 1471. There are heraldic banners everywhere denoting various medieval companies. Suffice to say it goes on for a good while and how these guys and women can keep it up in this heat is a tribute to their dedication. Photos taken by me on Saturday 8th July 2017 at the Tewkesbury Medieval Festival. Still they herald the opening salvos of the Battle of Tewkesbury. © Tewkesbury Direct 2015. Christmas Lights Festival and Festive Market Tewkesbury . The Medieval Market is full of stall holders selling everything from musical instruments to medieval style pots and pans. The Age of Chivalry, knights in shining armour, damsels in distress, crusaders, dragon slayers – all those things that weren’t really true, but definitely appeal to our imagination. Thumbnails from Tewkesbury Medieval Festival 2018 Saturday July 14 and Sunday July 15. I was particularly struck by the number of people from all over Europe who were selling real arms and armour – not plastic or fibreglass, but actual heavy metal. There is no charge to attend Tewkesbury Fair and I was surprised at how well managed the traffic and parking situation was. Home › Destinations › Tewkesbury Fair – Re-Enacting a Medieval Battle. There must surely be heart attacks and strokes awaiting. This is my seventh post on a recent trip to Great Britain with Canadian military history experts Liberation Tours on a tour titled Medieval Britain: Castles, Cannons & Crowns. One of the main reasons Alison and I signed up for this trip was the prospect of going to the famous Tewkesbury Medieval Festival, the largest of its kind in Europe. The page you requested could not be found.

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