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(d.31st January 1945), Wickham Victor Lesley. Any like region that he would have joined in?ThanksRoger, Hello RogerI'd have said that he joined in October 1915 but difficult to pinpoint a Bn I'm afraid.Paul, Good day PaulI am looking at a number of 3410 in the Rifle BrigadeI am right in believing that this number corresponds to a enlistment date sometime in the middle of 1909. Members who served with Rifle Brigade. Note though that these numbers are only for regular 1913, Kuldana, Murree and Rawal Pindi. Various records for over 71,000 men who served with this oldest of British regiments. completely separate regimental number sequences. Dec 1911 2/RB stationed at Fort William, Calcutta. https://wiki.fibis.org/index.php?title=The_Rifle_Brigade&oldid=80699, Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Unit History: Rifle Brigade. Tiger-shooting is recorded as one of the sports for officers.

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Soldier Records for Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own) 45 results James Christopher Raby (Rifleman S/19569) James with his only child, Alice. The regiment’s green uniform was a radical departure from the red uniform worn by other regiments and was designed to provide some camouflage for the soldiers fighting their way through North American forests. It is a FREE search for two weeks.

I am trying to find out when, approximately, Rfl. The Royal Dublin Fusiliers was born on 1st July 1881. The war record of sixteen battalions of the RB all, of which fought on the Western front with one of them, the 4th, leaving France for Salonika at the end of 1915. Instead of just having a picture and a grave, it really feels like my great uncle George's war service has come to life. In 1800, an "Experimental Corps of Riflemen", was raised by Colonel Coote Manningham and Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. Husband of Ellen Frances Bendall, father of Ellen Minnie Bendall, William Bendall and Gladys Bendall... Died from wounds received in action on 8th August 1915, My Grandfather, L/Corporal Cecil Stewart, Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own), My Grandad, Lance Corporal S/18309 16th Battalion Rifle Brigade. [5], An article in the 1928 Rifle Brigade Chronicle, pages 162 to 182 inclusive, by Captain R.C. First World War research. Cavalry, Household Cavalry, Royal Artillery, Royal Engineers, Foot Guards, Infantry, Army Service Corps, Army Hospital Corps, Military Staff Corps, Rifle Brigade, Colonial Regiments etc). Landed Liverpool Oct 22 1914. "In the two photos the soldier is very definitely in the Rifle Brigade. The Wartime Memories Project is the original WW1 and WW2 commemoration website.

In fact There are over 70,000 Rifle Brigade service and pension records in various War Office series held at the National Archives. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. enlistments. Helping people find out more about their relatives wartime experiences since 1999 by British Army regiments. Regimental numbering sequences between 1881 and 1918.

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