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But, they adopted only the blue 'PG' graphic. The MTRCB has implemented a television content rating system since November 1, 1995. Kayla Dube . Follow the link for reviews of some of them, and you … [2] Certain video game vendors ask for a valid ID or any other verification to be able to buy M- and AO-rated games. The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board also serves as a de facto censorship body. UPDATED Review: Rotten Tomatoes (rottentomato... Review: Rotten Tomatoes (, TMDb – The Movie Database ( Has a unique, ... Summary: A young and talented getaway driver named Baby... Why do you think IMDb message boards are closing? The rating voice-overs are usually in Filipino, but predominantly English-language stations have the ratings notice spoken in English. See the latest classification ratings for films, DVD and Blu-ray, and on-demand entertainment. our review board. Netflix Hulu Disney+ Prime Video Apple TV+ Favorite Events Tweet Share Email Watching free movies … Sign Up. Show them anywhere on your ships. Ratings notices were previously broadcast in a 4:3 aspect ratio, but has since been broadcast in a 16:9 widescreen format. The material shall be disapproved for television broadcast if, in the judgment of the Board applying contemporary Filipino cultural values as standard, it is objectionable for being immoral, indecent, contrary to law and/or good customs, injurious to the prestige of the Republic of the Philippines or its people, or with a dangerous tendency to encourage the commission of violence, or of a wrong, or crime, such as but not limited to: All programs shown by the television channels are reviewed and classified by the said board.
National and local newscasts are exempted from the ratings system (except in the case of selected news stories, such as in ABS-CBN's TV Patrol, which uses an SPG graphic for stories with sensitive or graphic content).

On TV season pages → (right arrow) go to next season ← (left arrow) go to previous season.

A pictogram advisory accompanied by a full-screen written advisory with voice over to the effect that the program is classified as “Strong Parental Guidance” shall be broadcast for at least 20 seconds, immediately before the opening credits and midway in the full airing of the particular television material classified as such. Television programs classified as “SPG” must still fall within the parameters of the existing Parental Guidance classification rating. ",, "MTRCB suspends Tulfos' TV show for 20 days, TV5 cries 'censorship, "MTRCB suspends Tulfo bros' show for threats against Raymart Santiago", "CA, pinayagan ang muling pagpapalabas ng programa ng Tulfo Bros", "MTRCB meets with 'Ang Probinsyano' producers over 'sexually suggestive' scene", "Locsin suggests: Cut 'offending scene' in Abominable movie", "Philippines Objects to 'Abominable' Movie Map", "MTRCB wants content in Netflix, other video streaming sites regulated", "Cultural workers, netizens slam MTRCB's bid to regulate Netflix, other video sites", "Drilon hits 'very impractical' plan of MTRCB to regulate content of Netflix, others", "10 Extremely Controversial MTRCB Decisions That Upset The Public", "Is the MTRCB Really Helpful With Their Ratings? Each one holds office for a term of one year but may be reappointed after the expiration of their term. The film may constitute contempt of court or of a quasi-judicial tribunal, or may pertain to matters which are subjudicial in nature. Games and Gaming. UPDATED Review: Reddit ( Recent Posts Unread Posts Tags, Forum Icons:

There are also published archives of IMDb message boards. s focus the search bar. A film classified as “G” shall, in the judgment of the Board, meet the following criteria: PG  Viewers below 13 years old must be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult.

The powers-that-be want to dumb people down. of TV-2 Tacloban, Arangkada of TV-2 Cagayan de Oro (now TV-4 Cagayan de Oro), Bida Kapampangan of TV-46 Pampanga and Salandigan of TV-4 Bacolod plus Saturday morning editions of Panay Sikat (TV-10 Iloilo), Maayong Buntag Kapamilya (TV-3 Cebu) and Maayong Buntag Mindanao (TV-4 Davao) extend their broadcast on Saturday effective from December 2014) with the exception of the green 'G' and red 'SPG' graphics. Pro Wrestling. Also, feel free to discuss movies and TV shows in the forum below. The work depicts in a patently lewd, offensive, or demeaning manner, excretory functions, and sexual conduct such as sexual intercourse, masturbation and exhibition of the genitals. See the latest classification ratings for computer games on all platforms. Material for television, which in the judgment of the Board does not contain anything unsuitable for children. Celestial Movies Pinoy uses an advisory for these movie ratings before showing of the film instead of television ratings. The wireless signals your … Kayla Dube has 4+ years' experience in videography and filmmaking. Only viewers who are 13 years old and above can be admitted. Mark all read, Topic Icons:

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