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She was close enough to feel the ground shake. The day Apollo 11 lifted off, JoAnn Morgan was the lone woman in the launch firing room at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The computer had so little space, it had wiped the navigation data taking her to the moon.

All rights reserved. There are a lot of different captions and explanations going around! “We need that diversity, and we need people to see themselves in space exploration because we’re going to need all of them to succeed in the future.”. I was fortunate to have a very modern husband. “Now it’s really important to know about all the hands and minds that made Apollo successful,” Leshin said. Margaret Hamilton, who wrote Apollo spacecraft guidance software, awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom Zeldin and Hamilton brought their daughters. “Everyone seemed to work together,” Zeldin recounted. Zeldin, an engineer with a degree in physics, joined the lab in 1966 when she was 26. Some of these women were known as “computresses.” Back then, women studied math and engineering as if they were destined to be in these fields. Before the widespread use of computers, humans did the computing, and for a time manual math computations were considered women’s work. Software engineering related courses are important for all aspects of STEM including that of helping one to become more creative, a better problem solver—including being a good detective and how to understand the world in terms of a system of systems—to learn how to be analytical and objective, about abstraction, and how to think outside of the box. “That changed for me in college when seeing Sally Ride doing her shuttle ride.”.

The photos were to become part of the information that MIT was providing to the news media, both at the time of the landing on the Moon and at the time of the landing on Earth after returning home from the moon. Leshin did a summer internship at NASA and went on to study meteorites and space rocks, earning her PhD in geochemistry at Caltech. The astronauts get most credit for landing on the moon. Lorenz’s love for software experimentation was contagious, and I caught the bug. .

What got you into software engineering? As I understand things, in the early days of computer programming, women were actually quite well represented. “She symbolises that generation of unsung women who helped send humankind into space,” said President Barack Obama in 2016 when he awarded Hamilton the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States’ highest civilian award. All the listings in the stack contained the source code for the Apollo 11 mission and future ‘to be’ missions that we were working on concurrently.

She made a change in the software so an alarm would sound if the computer processor became overloaded. Though in fact we had a complex system of systems, we weren’t getting credit for what was a legitimate field. At the beginning, nobody thought software was that big a deal. We had our own culture. . Shortly after, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took humanity’s first historic steps on another world.

And don’t always listen to the so-called experts! Last modified on Tue 16 Jul 2019 05.20 EDT. We were more likely to notice if someone was a first floor or second floor person, a hardware or software guy, or what area someone was specializing in, e.g., man-machine interface, operating system, error detection and recovery, or in an application specific area. Saydean Zeldin joined the MIT Instrumentation Lab in 1966 as a software engineer and programmer for the command service module. Was it difficult? MHH: When I began as a programmer in 1959, and continuing until now, in every software organization and in every software project I have been involved in, there were always many more men than women programmers. Interview. She was also a great human being. This, for example, is what we remember of July 20, 1969: Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the moon, and their every step was monitored back on earth by men dressed in white shirts and skinny black ties, tethered to headsets at NASA’s Mission Control in Houston.

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