what is banbury famous for

The mutineers did not achieve all of their aims and some of the leaders were executed on 17 May 1649. The toponym "Banbury" derives from "Banna", a Saxon chieftain said to have built a stockade there in the 6th century, and "burgh" meaning settlement. Later there was a Roman villa at nearby Wykham Park. More houses were built for the working population at the south end of Britannia Road and the area to the east between 1881 and 1930, and also in both Old Grimsbury Road and Gibbs Road in Grimsbury, and more up-market houses were built in both the Marlborough Road area and in Bath Road, Kings Road, Park Road, and Queen Street in Neithrop. [13] The factory was demolished between 2008 and 2009.

Apart from the Cross, Banbury is also noted for its Banbury Cakes which can be bought at the various bakeries in the town. [16] The canal's main boat yard is now the listed site today's Tooley's Boatyard. Many cottages in the district of 'Waterloo', which apparently lay just east of Banbury Bridge to the north of the road, had been transformed after the early 19th century so that by 1841 'Waterloo' was considered one of the better off parts of Grimsbury. In 1626 Whateley refused communion to his own brother, who had been presented for religious incompetence. This was the main factor behind the expansion of the New Bank under Joseph Ashby Gillett and his successors.

Both the settlements of Bicester, Hinton-in-the-Hedges, Chipping Norton and Hook Norton are also on the border of Banburyshire's area.[90]. Open: May to September, Wed. and Sunday 2-5pm Tel: 01295 276 070, Georgian House in remarkable setting with garden temples, walks and a view of Edgehill. It may be noted that Bretch Hill Road may have remained a long cul-de-sac and not reached the main road if the long planned Banbury by-pass had gone ahead in the 1970s. [23] The mostly late 19th-century suburb of Grimsbury witnessed rapid growth between 1881 and 1930. Trinity Close was mostly built between 1973 and 1975, while both New Grimsbury and Bretch Hill continued to grow in the 1980s according to the O.S. The payment of 3s, 4d.

But in the 1930s the town's economy became more diversified and less closely linked with the surrounding countryside and towns such as Daventry, Bloxham, Bicester and Southam.

A new factory with a floor space 80,000 square feet (7,400 m2) was being constructed in 1969 for Encase Ltd[citation needed] and a factory was being built for Demag Hoists and Cranes Ltd., a subsidiary of Demag Zug, one of the world's largest manufacturers of lifting equipment. In 1934, they changed their name to Banbury Spencer and moved to the Spencer Stadium. Neithrop expanded further between 1850 and 1881, with new housing providing for the Municipal Borough of Banbury's planned slum clearance from 'Waterloo' in Grimsbury and to deal with the then growing population and for the expanding population. [23], In 1888 the local Sanitary Board and Local Board of Health were disbanded and its duties were taken over by the town council. [27] At height of the war gave employment to 933 men and 548 women, by 1919 they were down to 100 men and 72 women. Banbury stands at the junction of two ancient roads: Salt Way (used as a bridle path to the west and south of the town), its primary use being the local transportation of salt ; and Banbury Lane, which began near Northampton and is closely followed by the modern road. [39] The factory was demolished between 2008 and 2009. [17] "Stones Map of Banburyshire" held by the Centre of Banbury Studies was published in the 1870s or 1880s[18] and it asserted that the term originated in the 1830s[19] but no source is given for that assertion. The Horton General Hospital[83] and Foscote Private Hospital are in the ward. Grimsbury in 1999 (right) and 2000 (left) prior to its redevelopment from 2004 to 2008. [4][5] The name appears as Banesberie in the Domesday Book of 1086. The coming of the railway enhanced Banbury's position as a market town, local economic epicentre and regional centre. The Britannia Works company's site was set up by Sir Bernard Samuelson from the earlier foundry established by James Gardner. The Banbury Co-operative Society completed 12 houses in 1913 in Hightown Road. More information on www.banburystmary.org.uk.

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