marriage in 17th century england

A Southern wedding differed greatly from a New England wedding.

243–55 and 220–42; Goode, W. J., World Revolution and Family Patterns (New York, 1963), chapter 2; de Walle, E. van, ‘Marriage and Marital Fertility', Daedalus (Spring 1968), pp. Most colonies assured a widow of her dower right—if he died without a will. The Boston Evening-Post reported on 15 March 1736 an argument between two men "and a certain woman, each one claiming her as his Wife, but so it was that one of them had actually disposed of his Right in her to the other for Fifteen Shillings". 1–17; and Krause, J. T., ‘Some Neglected Factors in the English Industrial Revolution’, Journal of Economic History, xix (1959), 528–40. When a young woman was taken before the justices for an attempted sale, she was told that if any couple unhappy with their marriage could resolve it in this way, Smithfield would not be big enough. Copyright © 1990, 2004—All rights reserved. A bad-tempered, impulsive and cruel husband, feeling burdened by his wife, Henchard sells her to a stranger for five guineas. 24 The Leicestershire cases were taken from the card index to the marriage bonds and allegations of the Archdeaconry of Leicester, the Archives Department, Leicester Museum. cit., p. xiii, and ‘Size and Structure of the Household in England over Three Centuries’, Population Studies, xxiii (1969), pp. 53 Forty-Ninth Annual Report of the Registrar General (H.C. 1887, xxiii, p. 1), pp. Marriage and the customs surrounding it took various forms in early America. (The aged dropped somewhat in succeeding generations and was younger in some locales than others.) Entries have been found in baptismal registers, such as this example from Perleigh in Essex, dated 1782: "Amie Daughter of Moses Stebbing by a bought wife delivered to him in a Halter". cit., p. 86.

* Views captured on Cambridge Core between . 108–9.

17th Century "Church of England" Rules of Marriage, Pick up lines, and Customs of Courting. On the distinctions between them seeTwentieth Annual Report of the Registrar General (H.C. 1859, session 2, xii, p. 1), p. iv. 392, 439.

At least one early 19th-century magistrate is on record as stating that he did not believe he had the right to prevent wife sales, and there were cases of local Poor Law Commissioners forcing husbands to sell their wives, rather than having to maintain the family in workhouses.

It became seen as one of a number of popular customs that the social elite believed it their duty to abolish, and women protested that it represented "a threat and insult to their sex".

10 Habakkuk, H. J., ‘English Population in the Eighteenth Century’, Economic History Review, 2nd series, vi (1953), pp. [37] The manner of her sale is unrecorded. But, by 1625, men still comprised three-quarters of Virginia’s white population, and, by mid-century, the situation had worsened. 486–501. Despite both the vicar and Justice of the Peace explaining the sale was not legal, the poet insisted it to be so, and they had a happy life together. To send this article to your Kindle, first ensure is added to your Approved Personal Document E-mail List under your Personal Document Settings on the Manage Your Content and Devices page of your Amazon account. Jones, E. L. and Mingay, G. E. (London, 1967), pp. Marriage was the only acceptable place for sex in the medieval period, and as a result Christians were allowed to marry from puberty onwards, generally seen at the time as age 12 for women and 14 for men.Parental consent was not required. "[67] Such complaints were still commonplace nearly 20 years later; in The Book of Days (1864), author Robert Chambers wrote about a case of wife selling in 1832, and noted that "the occasional instances of wife-sale, while remarked by ourselves with little beyond a passing smile, have made a deep impression on our continental neighbours, [who] constantly cite it as an evidence of our low civilisation.

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