famous princeton residents

John Bardeen *36 (No. 19; read an essay about him and see examples of his work on page 43), who is generally acknowledged to have turned mainstream architecture away from Modernism, designed landmark buildings on the Princeton campus and around the world. He is one of the principal architects of the Iraq war, the outcome of which remains in doubt but which seems certain to cast a shadow across American politics for years to come. As we generate the list, we’re offering a way of understanding this place and its journey.” (Read an essay by Glaude on page 56.) The new State Legislature also met at Princeton. How to Get Your Hands on a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale.
But that was one thing. While Doar’s courage may have been extraordinarily admirable, the panelists said, Katzenbach’s role was more influential. Over the last 261 years, these and approximately 120,000 other men and women have marched out into the world as graduates of the university now known as Princeton. Admirable, yes; influential, no. There was some sentiment among the panelists in support of postmodern artist Frank Stella ’57 and pioneering modern composer and Princeton emeritus professor Milton Babbitt *42 *92, both of whom, like Wilder, probably would have been included in the top 50, though not the top 25. Teach for America is one of the largest employers of new college graduates in the country, but it was established less than 20 years ago; who knows how influential it ultimately will prove to be in changing American education? “What’s so striking about the list as I look at it: It’s such the Old Princeton,” Glaude observed. Alums dressed in crazy orange and black outfits (we're talking pirates, ninjas, and blazers that would put Dr. Seuss to shame) walk around and then march in the P-rade (that's right, they have their own parade) and party for three days with live music. From all appearances Princeton University has made a habit out of graduating some of the most top notch professionals in in our nation’s history and they’re keeping that same tradition going today. 22) made the list not only for his informal title as “Poet of the Revolution,” but for publishing and editing an opposition newspaper (with the support of Madison and Thomas Jefferson) to counter the Federalists. The list also is weighted heavily toward, let’s face it, dead white males. After a discussion about Burr, our panel concluded that admirability should not play a role. And Wilson did change things [as University president], and things got better in the 20th century. It is a sh*t show. Her academic degrees include AA social Sci/BA English/MEd Adult Ed & Community & Human Resource Development and ABD in PhD studies in Indust & Org Psychology. 12), the founding head writer for Sesame Street, who created the identities and anthems of some of modern childhood’s most important characters, such as Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster. Mr. Johnson went on to become the first African American to become a billionaire. Though Thomas never won the White House, he did found the precursor of the American Civil Liberties Union and campaigned for liberal causes that ultimately gained public support. Barbara Cassani is a 1984 graduate of Princeton University. Princeton It’s one of the most recognizable mailing addresses in the state, if not the country — home to Princeton University, rows of lovely homes, and many famous names. Bogan argued on Stewart’s behalf “because the kind of roles he played informed many Americans. If Princeton had admitted Robeson, “instead of forcing a guy who was born in this town to go up the road to New Brunswick and become a Rhodes Scholar, [this list] would already look a lot different,” said Purdum. His career for the company spanned 35 years before he retired. 10 and Madison at No. As it turns out, he did not, but his character had nothing to do with the choice.

Sadly Bogle passed away earlier this year.

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