famous enemies in history

April 1986. After fighting against the Persians and the Byzantine Empire, the Scourge of God decided to march forward and raid Rome, claiming Gaul under his rule. GlobalSecurity.org.

Sure, they might not have been born public enemies, but before their days were out, these guys have all done something to change the course of history -- and not for the better. 3. At the time, chariot racing was the most popular form of entertainment in Constantinople, and supporters of the two most popular teams—known as the “Greens” … (10/22/2009) http://www.dartmouth.edu/~toxmetal/metals/stories/lead.html, Lienhard, John. (10/22/2009) http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/30/world/americas/30mexico.html, "Lead: Versatile Metal, Long Legacy." (10/22/2009)http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/363395/Mao-Zedong, Pasham Shaheen and Seid, Jessica. Login to reply the answers Post; Anonymous. "In Drug War, Mexico Fights Cartel and Itself." "Henry Lee Lucas." No Crazy Horse or Sitting Bull? Famous Enemies. After obtaining command of a Germanic auxiliary force, he returned to Magna Germania to rally every Germanic tribe under his banner. The list was first presented in a CBS special hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Mao Zedong." Jugurtha played the Roman system by bribing everyone he could and buying as much time as he could. Legends say that he died on his wedding night with his new Gothic bride. Broadway Books.

"Enron's Lay Dies Of Heart Attack." Jefferson frequently dined at the Adams’ residence and vice versa. Shapur captured Syria and its capital Antioch, one of the greatest cities controlled by Rome. So get ready to run down a list of 10 people and organizations the world probably would've been better off without.
(10/22/2009)http://money.cnn.com/2006/05/25/news/newsmakers/enron_verdict/index.htm, "Pedro Alonzo Lopez." Behold, the 10 Most Hated Enemies in American History: 10. As a Seminole, Osceola started the Florida War with the United States after he and his men butchered hundreds of American soldiers who were marching from one fort to another. Mekong Network Project. Once in office, the New Englander tried to seem as though he was above the fray.
Mithridates VI (132–63 BC) ruled a small but wealthy realm on the Black Sea in present-day Turkey. (10/22/2009)http://www.johndillinger.com/, "The Last Steps of John Dillinger." A veteran of the Northwest Indian War - a savage, 10-year war between the United States and an Indian confederacy led by Little Turtle - Tecumseh had nothing but hate for Americans. Stacker combed through the history books, newspaper archives, and the internet to compile this list of 30 famous feuds from around the globe, ranging from verbal sparrings to vengeful bloodbaths. A&E Biography. Perhaps one of the most famous celebrity feuds in recent years is that of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Comments . Take Thomas Jefferson and John Adams: The pair was, at least initially, a classic case of opposites attracting. When Spain surrendered, though, it was to the United States in a European city (Paris, to be exact). On this week’s episode of Join or Die with Craig Ferguson, the comedian and his celebrity panelists will discuss the epic rivalries that shaped the course of history. His inventions inspired awe to his fellow citizens, and utter horror to the Romans.

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