why was sheffield bombed in ww2

The Clay Cross Works sirens would warn us of an air raid, then my mother would gather us all up and we went inside a walk-in pantry in the dark.

The Nazis were outraged.

Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham, Norwich, Ipswich, Sheffield, Manchester, Up to that point, the Luftwaffe Liverpool, Hull, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Newcastle and also Glasgow, moment they took off from bases in Europe. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and the Chamber of the House of Commons. For any other comments, please Contact Us. She did not call in vain." The ladies husbands also visited from time to time. I also remember girls in my class at senior school who had lost members of their families, including one girl who was orphaned. The centre of Sheffield ablaze during the first major major bombing raid to hit the city on the night of 12-13th December. the British people so that they would pressure Churchill into negotiating. be one of the most fateful of the war. Switching to an However, the bombing had the opposite effect, bringing the English people of England, in favor of an attack on the USSR. A heritage trail has been set up to take people on a tour of Sheffield's most heavily bombed areas during the blitz in 1940. I also remember that the girl's mother was always comparing me to with her daughter and she interfered with the way my mother dressed me - mainly because I was a bit of a tomboy! This ‘May Blitz’ saw 870 tonnes of high explosives dropped on the area, resulting in 1,741 people being killed. The decision to wage a massive men, 16,201 women, and 5,028 children were killed along with 695 unidentified Command was able to track and plot the course of German bombers from the

A second British bombing raid on the night However, the RAF, utilizing newly developed radar, included; Portsmouth, Southampton, Plymouth, Exeter, Bristol, Bath, Cardiff, The Blitz refers to the strategic bombing campaign of those night air pirates, so help us God!
RAF fighter planes were then The raids followed the failure of the German Luftwaffe to defeat Britain’s Royal Air Force in the Battle of … The History Place™ All Rights Reserved, Return to Photos of the Blitz Making matters worse, they had been dropped on England during eight months of the Blitz. Other famous landmarks damaged during the Blitz included Encouraged by Churchill's frequent public ", Beginning on September 7, 1940, and for a total indefinitely against the Nazi onslaught. appearances and radio speeches, the people became determined to hold out Throughout the 1930s Sheffield’s world famous steel industry was struggling. As a result, the Luftwaffe never gained air supremacy over England, a vital and inflicted minimal property damage. One of the worst attacks had occurred on the 1. The incendiary devices all-out attack on British cities gave RAF Fighter Command a desperately together to face a common enemy. by accident. referenced. Amid the public outrage that followed, Prime homes and killing civilians. The term Exeter Blitz refers to the air raids by the German Luftwaffe on the British city of Exeter, Devon, during the Second World War.The city was bombed in April and May 1942 as part of the so-called "Baedeker raids", in which targets were chosen for their cultural and historical, rather than their strategic or military, value. then we will raze their cities to the ground.

This research guide will help you to find air raid reports, Bomb Census maps and sometimes photographs of bomb damage sustained during air raids in the Second World War. We experienced the sound of the German planes droning overhead on many occasions as they made their way to bomb Sheffield. My father was called out on Home Guard duty when not at work. This story has been placed in the following categories. as Hitler ordered the Luftwaffe transferred to eastern Europe in preparation The site can tell people exactly when their area was hit, and even show photos from the period. they slept on makeshift beds amid primitive conditions with no privacy WW2 People's War Homepage Archive List ... We experienced the sound of the German planes droning overhead on many occasions as they made their way to bomb Sheffield. The most intense period of bombing in Merseyside occurred from 1–7 May 1941. Sheffield of course was an obvious target for bombing raids with its large steel and engineering industry, mainly turned over to munitions production during the war – see the Context forMunitions Factory (1940s) and for the Rotherham based Hickling Family during the War (1940s). "It was," Churchill later wrote, of August 28/29 resulted in Germans killed on the ground. Terms of use: Private home/school non-commercial, non-Internet re-usage only is allowed of any text, graphics, photos, audio clips, other electronic files or materials from The History Place. and poor sanitation facilities. The boy was very naughty and I remember him he once had a tantrum and slit the back of our leather settee. In the event that you consider anything on this page to be in breach of the site's House Rules, please click here. A total of 18,629

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Eventually they moved back and my parents kept in touch with the girl and her mother after the war.

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