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It was revived in 2012. Also that fall, Les's daughter, Summer, and Cayla's daughter, Keisha, begins attending college. (which turned out in the next strip to be him playing a computer game), included two papers that ran the strip receiving irate phone calls and letters to the editor, and led to Batiuk issuing an apology soon after the strip ran.
The continuity of the Crankshaft strip is as much as 20 years behind that of Funky Winkerbean; strips in both comics in August and September 2011 show Cayla Williams, a high school teacher and secretary to Principal Nate Green and Les's fiancée, with Keisha her teenage daughter, to be a college-age student in the former. In 2013 Funky's wife Holly—whose son Cory is in Afghanistan—finds that he has an old "Starbuck Jones" comic book collection and begins collecting missing issues to make the collection complete; she soon has issues #7; #123; #54; #104; #36 {on eBay}; #216; and in July 2014 during a week-long cliffhanger searches for the rare and elusive #115. Crock. Funky Winkerbean by Tom Batiuk - July 13, 2014 | Comics | Comics Kingdom - Comic Strips, Editorial Cartoons, Sunday Funnies, Jokes. By Brian Walker, Greg Walker and Chance Browne. Distributed by North America Syndicate, a division of King Features Syndicate, it appears in more than 400 newspapers worldwide. It is revealed that Wally has been held as a prisoner of war in Iraq for the past decade (possibly taken hostage around the time of Lisa's death), and—unaware that he was presumed dead and that Becky had remarried—said during that interview that what kept him sane during his time in captivity was thinking about his wife and family. Remember Me . Batiuk's neighbor, comic book writer Tony Isabella, occasionally appears in the strip as himself. Shattered by the revelations, Darin does nothing to comfort his mother or spare kind thoughts for his father, instead wandering off with a smirk to hope the government would give him money. Centered at Westview High School, the strip initially focused on several students: Funky Winkerbean, Crazy Harry Klinghorn, Barry Balderman, "Bull" Bushka, Cindy Summers, Junebug, Roland, Livinia, Leslie P. "Les" Moore, majorette Holly Budd (daughter of Melinda Budd, original majorette for Westview High), and Lisa Crawford. During the summer of 2015, the present-day incarnations of the Westview gang meet up with their teen-aged selves during a class reunion; it is revealed in the storyline's finale that Les—who helped organize the event—had passed out during the reunion (for unexplained reasons) and was having a dream. 2016 had a zany arc about Pete and Derin sneaking onto a cargo ship to steal some pens, which, this being. During several flashback scenes, Funky had seen (and in some cases, visited with) teen-aged versions of himself, Crazy Harry and Holly Budd (Funky's wife-to-be), and a younger Mr. Dinkle—all as they appeared in Funky Winkerbean strips in the early 1980s. He also has characters escape the fire by driving "north along the coast" from West Hollywood (which makes no geographical sense whatsoever), and has people who are practically in the middle of the blaze completely unaware of it. Username.

Overtly whimsical elements were now downplayed in favor of more grounded real-life incidents and stories, and some of the series' running gags from the 1972–92 years were recast in a more serious light. Batiuk was very open about the fact that Lisa's latest ordeal would end with her death[7] and some of the events that would happen as a result. In one, a five-panel sequence shows Bull acting on the decision to take his own life. Comics Kingdom The best comic strips, political cartoons and puzzles in all the land. [23] [24] The strip has also inspired a blog, Son of Stuck Funky, which provides a daily commentary. In April 2013, a storyline began revolving around Darin Fairgood's biological father, Frankie, attempting to meet his biological son; this coincided with the release of Les's book Lisa's Story, detailing her life, battle with breast cancer and events since her death. Jane's World was a comic strip by cartoonist Paige Braddock that ran from March 1998 to October 2018. Professor Dinkle is based on a composite of past directors Dr. Paul Droste and Dr. Jon Woods. Gerry Shamray is an American comic book artist known for his work on Harvey Pekar's autobiographical comic book series American Splendor and the syndicated comic strip John Darling.

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