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Mr. X is one of the scarier bioweapons because of how hard he hits, so stay away from hit. For the reference, a critical hit is currently 1.5x of your regular damage. And for the last spot I still use FMJ I. Becca is a Damage, Firearms character, essentially a ranged damage dealer. The obvious thing about this one is that no need for reload means you can get the most damage per second out of weapons with fast fire rate. However, it provides good dps and turns into a beast with Bullet Storm, since for 10 seconds you retain the damage and fire rate, but with no need to reload anymore. MQ11 – this submachine gun has very fast fire rate, but the base damage of only 90, so with its clip of 50 rounds it’s very ammo-consuming yet not very practical.

Needless to say, should you manage to run two rocket launchers as Becca and Jill, your team will be unstoppable.

That said, regular firearms are almost useless against Birkin, so unless you have ATM or a Spark Shot you won’t even be able to free your teammate out of his grab, so don’t bother trying to kill him. However, in this case I believe the first variation is actually better than the second one. There are far better special weapons for Becca. Thanks for reading this guide and I hope you found it useful. So I’d skip this gun with Becca more often than not. Moreover, it doesn’t lend itself well to the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the game. Her role is to stay with her team and provide cover and fire support at all times. Resident Evil 3 Remake (RE3 Remake) Wiki Guide, All Enemies (Monsters) List & How To Beat, FFCC (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered), All Resistance Characters - Survivors & Masterminds, Becca Woolett - Survivor Character Profile. Your email address will not be published. Becca is a Damage, Firearms character, essentially a ranged damage dealer. Unleash your inner evil as a cunning Mastermind or join the fight as one of the resourceful Survivors desperately trying to escape every obstacle the Mastermind puts in their way! You should recieve the email within a few minutes, be sure to check your spam box for the email. So Becca is more powerful, provided you’re playing in a competent / premade team. The intellectual property depicted in this model, including the brand Resident Evil Resistance, is not affiliated with or endorsed by the original rights holders. To let you have some idea, the damage of full reticle shot to zombie’s chest goes up from 287 to 368. Becca, however, doesn’t really benefit from this weapon much, as it doesn’t lend itself to any particular playstyle she leans towards. Spark Shot – another weapon straight out of RE2make, it’s more of a control weapon rather than damage weapon. Capcom's Resident Evil Resistance is a new 1 vs. 4 asymmetric online survival horror experience set in the world of Resident Evil, and part of the Resident Evil 3 package. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. With Mixtape I + II + III you are able to reduce your ultimate cooldown to 110 seconds all the way down from 150. You either opt for slow, carefully aimed shots that will often be critical ones. My personal favourite here is Mind’s Eye – not only does it lend itself better to the pacing of the game, but it also has better synergy with Becca’s Fever Skill. This also frees your teammates out of grabs, something Becca is inherently lacking. A guide to playing Becca: playstyles, skills, loadout, tactics.

Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. With this you can wreck a small army of creatures pretty fast, and what you won’t kill you will stun. You’ll need good firepower with decent rate of fire against that, that’s why I advise against slow and steady full reticle shot builds. There are several possible builds with Becca, each capitalizing on her strengths. Fast rate of fire and great damage. 734: 5,623: Bio Remake > Resident Evil Remake Title Screen Mod by zombiesurvivalcat Sept 23, 2020 19:06:41 GMT 10: Resident Evil 0 Remaster Modding - 1 Viewing Annette – Becca works best against creature spammers such as Annette. Alex – she is hard on traps but also infection, so you’ll find youself in need of buying blue herbs more often. Ones that utilize no zombies but a lot of camera guns and turrets.

Also, it’s pointless on Bullet Storm. Also, although I can see how Becca would benefit from Army Boots with how fast she originally is, it’s still 5 points that I feel could be better spent elsewhere. Find out character skills, how to play, tips, and more! This essentially allows two playstyles for Becca. Birkin however is a clumsier bioweapon, and with her speed Becca is more likely to run away.

Standard variation of this is called Swift – it lets you enter and exit the stance faster and simply increases your damage for 10 seconds.

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