arcee and jack

She's starting to grow curious of his weird acting around her, and he needs to tell her, even if she rejects him completely. Darkness Rising, Part 1 Jack was keen to get home, much to Miko's disgust, however they were interrupted by a visit by Agent Fowler, forcing the three kids to hide. The three kids were kidnapped by Starscream, Soundwave and Knock Out, and taken to Cybertron for use as hostages. Arcee and Bumblebee bring the three kids to the Autobot secret base in an old missile silo and bunker, where they are introduced to the rest of the team, Bulkhead, Ratchet, and their leader, Optimus Prime. Rock Bottom Optimus was proud of Jack for not finishing Megatron when he had the chance. In Scattered, Arcee placed her arm around Jack to comfort him and they proceeded on where they met up with Ultra Magnus. Project Predacon, Jack became alarmed when Fowler started showing an interest in his mother, and tried to talk her out of going on a mission with him. He and Arcee followed the Silas's instructions, finding the MECH hideout in an abandoned factory, but were shocked to discover that Airachnid was also involved. "So you're my...girlfriend?" Please consider turning it on!

Arcee is one of the main group of Autobots in the 2010 computer animated series Transformers: Prime.

Jack worked at KO drive burger joint where he was often harassed by bullies. She seems to have no problems with Ratchet and very rarely do the two argue or mouth of to each other. It was only when Miko pointed out the Decepticon logo on the packaging for the game that Jack figured out what had happened, and once they'd brought Raf back to reality, Jack filled him in on what had transpired. He later helped defeat General Rufus "Mad Dog" Madison by suggesting the Autobots simply surrender. It's wrong!

And I mean, when you took me to your stargazing spot. Masters & Students, The kids arrived at base on a Saturday just as Optimus and Arcee were preparing to go on a mission. "You really think it could work?" During the events of Predacons Rising, Arcee and Bumblebee were left alone on the bridge of the Nemesis, and complimented one another, suggesting they had a friendly relationship, and further proving Bumblebee's looking up to Arcee. How had he missed that? He sat quietly just thinking to himself. They peeled away from the kiss and lowered heads, eyes opening at the same time looking up at one another. Arcee's hand. "It isn't fair. Darkness Rising, Part 2, On the way back, Arcee showed off some fancy riding skills. Flying Mind, Jack and Miko volunteered to go to Manhattan with Arcee and Bumblebee in search of one of the relics. She is the only female member of Team Prime.

"Thanks Jack" She kissed him again, not as long or as passionate, but still meaningful and beautiful all the same. She went with Optimus and the other Autobots to Cybertron in an attempt to retrieve the Omega Keys from the Decepticons and departed after saving their human allies together.

Crisscross, Preparing to help Arcee with some routine maintenance, Jack was annoyed when his mom turned up at the base and her questioning about whether it was safe ended up with Arcee instead leaving on a mission with Bulkhead. I'm human! Arcee: hehehe yep but only for a few minutes just so I can be ready for the cons, Optimus: smart also I guess your scouting mission was a success, Arcee glances over and sets jack teasing her, Optimus: good job arcee also where's jack? Arcee and Jack are ambushed by the Decepticons, and nothing will be the same afterward. After aiming at Airachnid, she had the lower fleet of her Insecticons attack Arcee and the other Autobots. The kids watched the Autobots head through the GroundBridge to storm the Nemesis. One Shall Rise, Part 2, Ratchet told the kids about Optimus back when he was Orion Pax, and how he got the Matrix. Predaking and Arcee never really fought in a one on one fight but they both are seen in one small fighting scene in Persuasion. With the Autobot base under threat from the Decepticons, Arcee and Jack left through the GroundBridge together for elsewhere in the United States. She, Bulkhead and the other Autobots went to the Space Bridge Starscream told Bulkhead and Ratchet about, with Arcee thanking Starscream and being stared at by Bulkhead before revealing to her ally that she had done deductive reasoning to conclude that he told the Autobots on the Space Bridge's location. Even the smallest of connections can run deep. She asked, her huge blue eyes gleaming at him with a lowered eyebrow. She tilted her neck so he could see and gently reach in over the armour to see it. In the process of fighting, Orion was overpowered by Megatron and was about to be killed if it wasn't for Arcee jumping at Megatron. This caused Arcee to try and attack him before she was held back by Bulkhead. He is laid back, not really the exciting type, but he is still a valuable member of Team Prime. When they found a downed spacecraft, Arcee began acting cagey and dropped him off a fair distance from the ship as she believed it wasn't safe for Jack.

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